Marxism Theory

Program Introduction

Marxism is a scientific world outlook and methodology, which is to reflect the objective world, especially the nature of human society and the scientific truth. Marxist theory is a study of the basic principles of Marxism and scientific system as a whole. It studies basic principle of Marxism and its formation and development of history and its spread in the world, especially the theory and practice of Sinicization of Marxism, while its research achievement is applied to the education of Marxist theory and political education as well as ideological and political work. The major aims to train senior specialized talents able to adapt to the future economic and social development needs in the field of Marxist theory research and management.

Program Overview

Core Courses

Science, Technology and Society,Marxist Classics Study,The Ideological and Political Education Theory and Method,The Sinicization of Marxism,Modern History of China,The Dynamic and Comments of Marxist Theory

Teaching languages: Chinese

Tuition:29000 RMB/year

Course start date:September

Course duration:Two Years

Research Areas

Basic Principles of Marxism

Study on Sinicization of Marxism

Ideological and Political Education

Study of the Basic Problems of Modern Chinese History