Oil and Gas Well Drilling Engineering

Program Introduction

Oil and gas wells are physical and informational conduits in the exploration and development of underground oil and gas resources. It is not only crucial throughout all stages of the exploration and development process, but also provides significant insight into the exploitation of other subsurface resources such as methane gas or thermal energy. This program aims at providing knowledge on proper design engineering and management of oil wells for economic production and smooth operation.

Program Overview

Core Courses

Theories and Methods of Modern Oil/Gas Well Engineering,Under balanced Drilling,Modern Well Completion Engineering,Modern Drilling Fluids Technology

Teaching languages: Chinese, English

Tuition:29000 RMB/year (Chinese taught)

             31000 RMB/Year (English taught)

Course start date:September

Course duration:Three Years

Application Deadline:May 30th

Research Areas

Intelligent Oil and Gas Well Engineering

Oil and Gas Well Fluid Mechanics and Engineering

Oil and Gas Well Chemistry and Engineering

Oil and Gas Well Mechanics and Control Engineering

Oil and Gas Well Rock Mechanics and Engineering