Program Introduction

Geophysics is a discipline of natural science that studies the physical properties of the Earth’s interior from a physical perspective, according to physical principles, and mainly using physical methods. Geophysics applies the theory and method of physics, combined with geology, atmospheric science to detect all kinds of geophysical fields such as the earth's magnetic field, electric field, gravity field and seismic wave field, temperature field, the interior of the earth radiation, atmosphere and plasma radiation field, high electromagnetic field, etc. by means of modern science and technology.

Program Overview

Core Courses

Logging Reservoir Evaluation,Modern Geophysical Logging Methods,Techniques of Seismic Acquisition

Teaching languages: Chinese, English

Tuition: 29000 RMB/year (Chinese taught)

              31000 RMB/Year (English taught)

Course start date: September

Course duration: Three Years

Application Deadline: May 30th

Research Areas

Theory and Methods of Reservoir Geophysics

Wellbore Geophysics

Theory and Methods of Heavy Magnetics

Propagation Theory of Seismic Waves

Rock Physics