Program Introduction

Mechanics is the science about force, movement and their relationship. It makes researches on the macro and micro behavior of movement, deformation and flow of medium. It reveals the mechanical process and the interaction mechanisms with physical, chemical and biological processes. It provides concepts and theories for new fields of engineering and effective methods for engineering design. It is an important driving force of science and technology innovation and development.By studying mechanics, you will master knowledge and the experimental skills, and have the capability to carry out scientific research independently on different areas of science pertaining to how different bodies react to forces, their movement, and applications in the different fields of science.

Program Overview

Core Courses

Advanced Rock Mechanics,Multiphase Fluid Mechanics,Advanced Fluid Mechanics in Porous Media,Continuum Mechanics,Elasticity and Plasticity,Tensor Analysis

Teaching languages: Chinese, English

Tuition:36000 RMB/Year

Course start date:September

Course duration:Four Years

Application Deadline:May 30th

Research Areas

Rock Mechanics

Fluid Dynamics of Multiphase Systems

Mechanics of Flow through Porous Media

Pipe String Mechanics