Safety Science and Engineering

Program Introduction

Safety Science and Engineering is a multi-disciplinary program, combining with modern industrial production and mainly focusing on the law and mechanism of accident hazards, forecasting and identification methods for safety hazards or unsafe factors, and theories and technologies for accident prevention, risk reduction, etc. The graduates are required to understand the latest progress of theoretical and experimental research and learn about the current status and development direction of safety production. They should have strong abilities of carrying out scientific research and solving practical problems in safety production areas.

Program Overview

Core Courses

Safety Engineering Oil and Gas HSE Case Study,Integrated Safety Engineering Experiments,Frontiers in Oil and Gas Safety Engineering,Advanced Fluid Mechanics,Signal Analysis and Processing,Risk Engineering,Deepwater System Reliability and Safety

Teaching languages: Chinese, English

Tuition:36000 RMB/Year

Course start date:September

Course duration:Four Years

Research Areas

Safety Monitoring and Intelligent Diagnostic Engineering

Failure Analysis and Integrity Management of Oil and Gas Equipment

Oil and Gas Production Safety, Accident Prevention and Risk Control Theories and Technology

Marine Oil Equipment and Operational Safety Theory and Technology