Power Engineering and Engineering Thermo-physics

Program Introduction

Power Engineering and Engineering Thermo-physics, includes Chemical Process Machinery and Thermal Engineering. Students taking this program will learn the basic principles in heat transfer, engineering thermodynamics and power generation and transmission systems. At the end of the program students should be able to design, manage and work in power generation and energy optimization fields and solve problems relating to thermo-physics.

Program Overview

Core Courses

Advanced Heat Transfer,Signal Analysis and Processing,Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics,Elastic and Plastic Mechanics

Teaching languages: Chinese, English

Tuition:36000 RMB/Year

Course start date:September

Course duration:Four Years

Application Deadline:May 30th

Research Areas

Multiphase Flow Theory and Separation Technology

Thermodynamic Process Optimization and System Energy Saving

Pressure Vessel Technology

Clean Energy Utilization Technology

Process Fluid Machinery