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  • What you will learn in this program

            Systematically grasp the basic theory, methods, and basic skills of oil and gas resources exploration projects, obtain basic engineering training necessary for petroleum geology engineers, and provide engineering and technical personnel with innovative spirit, practical ability, and international perspectives. Learn engineering design, applied research, and production management in the field of oil and gas exploration and development. Independently engage in engineering design, applied research and production management of oil and gas exploration and development geology.

    Courses you'll take


    General Geology

    Structural Geology

    Petroleum geology

    Sedimentary petrology

    Introduction to Petroleum Science

    Introduction to Oil and Gas Geology

    Introduction to Environmental Science

    Rock Formation Mineralogy Paleontology

    Magmatic rocks and  morphic petrology

    Geophysical Logging Data Geological Interpretation

    Oil and gas project management and technology economics

    Geophysical exploration Seismic data Geological interpretation

    Teaching languages