International Students of CUPB Visited the 7th Beijing Agricultural Carnival

Time: 2019-04-20 20:22:00 | Click:890

Recently, CUPB College of International Education organized a visit of international students to the 7th Beijing Agricultural Carnival.



More than 100 international students from more than 30 countries visited the agricultural carnival in two groups on April 12 and 17. They enjoyed the beauty of plants and flowers, learned about Chinese farming culture, experienced agricultural activities, felt modern agricultural technology, and tasted strawberries and other local delicacies. Many students from countries of the "Belt and Road" were also surprised to find characteristic agricultural products from the motherland in the exhibition hall, and learned about the achievements of China's exchanges and cooperation with countries of the "Belt and Road" in agriculture and culture.



The event was strongly supported by the Foreign Affairs Office of Changping District and the Organizing Committee of Beijing Agricultural Carnival.


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