The Establishment of Mongolian Alumni Association and the Congratulatory Letter to CUPB

Time: 2018-09-27 17:01:51 | Click:626

China university of petroleum (Beijing) Mongolia Alumni Association is officially registered in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and
sent a congratulatory letter to CUPB before the 65th anniversary of CUPB.


In the letter of congratulations, the Mongolian Alumni Association, on behalf of all Mongolian students, extended the warmest
congratulations to the Alma mater and the most sincere greetings to all teachers. The alumni said that they would devote
themselves to promoting the brand of CUPB and promoting the friendship between China and Mongolia, and sincerely wish the university a vigorous development of various undertakings, greater achievements in scientific research and more outstanding


In 2001, the university received the first batch of Mongolian international students. So far, over 100 overseas students of all
levels have graduated from our university, who are working in the government, enterprises and other institutions of Mongolia.
Many people work closely related to oil and China. After the establishment of the Mongolian Alumni Association, it will play a
better role as a bridge and   to organize and contact graduates across Mongolia and continue to care for and support the
development of the Alma mater.


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