First Academic Seminar of the Second Semester

Time: 2018-04-27 13:31:28 | Click:751

    ISAIP held the first academic seminar for the second semester of 2018. The venue of the seminar was conference room 208. The lecturers present during the presentations were the Dean of the Faculty of International Education Prof. Zhang Yongxue, Dr. Wang Fuyong who is an associate researcher in CUPB (among other accomplishments is a visiting scholar of Stanford University), Liangyu Shi ( holds a Masters from Aberdeen London). 

    The first presentation was by Marembo Michael a Second Year master student from the College of Petroleum Engineering, department of oil and gas field development. The topic he presented was the Investigation Of Oil Recovery Potential For Natural Gas Huff-And-Puff For Tight Oil Reservoirs.

    The second presentation was by Rahman Muhammetdurdyyev from Turkmenistan. Holds a Bsc in Business Administration and is a Crypto-currency and Elon Musk's enthusiast. His presentation was about Blockchain Innovation In Digital Era.

    The third and final presentation of the day was presented by Khaled Albriki from Libya. He is an Msc Student of the college of Geosciences in CUPB. His research interests are in analyzing and modeling the petrophysical characteristics of Carbonate reservoirs in the southern Libya basins using advanced wireline logging techniques. He recently joined the team of the basin analysis and interactive petroleum system modeling (BA & IPSM) in the college of Geosciences in CUB focusing on source rocks evaluation techniques by using advanced analytical and modeling approaches. His presentation for the day was Analysis Techniques And Modelling Approaches Which Have Been Used To Evaluate Sirte Basin Source Rocks Generation History, Libya.

 Much appreciation goes towards the organisers and cooperative audience that help ISAIP achieve its main goal of knowledge sharing among the various disciplines of study in CUPB.



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