Warm Tips for the National Day holiday

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National Day holiday is coming. The schedule for this year's National Day holiday is: October 1st (Tuesday) to 7th (Monday), a total of 7 days. To ensure your safety during the holiday, below are some security tips:

Travel safety tips:

· If you plan to travel for longtime, please register at the receptionist. Keep your mobile phone on and contactable all the time during traveling, contact the police and school in case of emergency.

· During Traveling pay attention to traffic safety, do not take illegally operated fake taxies, pay attention to keep your belongings safe, to prevent property theft.

· Consciously abide by traffic regulations; resolutely eliminate unlicensed driving, drink driving and other illegal activities.

· Conscientiously abide by the safety management regulations of scenic spots and public places, obey the management of safety commanders, and prevent trampling and other accidents.

· Pay attention to public health and food safety, do not eat the foods of stalls, do not go to crowded places as possible as you can, to prevent flu and other infectious diseases.

· Do not swim,skate or ski in any venues without security measures.

· Carry your passport and cooperate with the security staff for identity confirmation and safety check

· Watch your performance and behavior.Be cautious and polite.

Campus safety tips:During staying in school, consciously abide by all kinds of rules and regulations, keep the dormitory clean and tidy, and avoid the thing that violates the discipline.

· Pay attention to the burglar, close the doors and windows of your room and dormitory before leaving, do not keep cash or other valuable things in dormitory.

· Pay attention to fire prevention, do not use private wiring or high-power electric appliances in the dormitory, do not smoke or cook in the dormitory rooms,do not shelter/cover/remove the smoke detector, do not storage flammable, or other explosive items.

· Moderate entertainments in the apartment, like party and other activities, do not make loud noise which may affect others, prohibit drunk and disorderly behavior, and do not fight.

· Drugs are forbidden.

· No engagement in employment and commercial activities.

· Anyone who is not the international student of CUPB should not be allowed to stay overnight in the dormitory.

· No missionary and religious gatherings in the university.

· Do not organize and participate in illegal gathering, parade and signature activities; do not participate in activities without proper protocol and security.

We wish all the students a happy and pleasant holiday.

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