Admission and Registration

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Conclusion of admission process for academic year 2019

As of now all school scholarship awarding has come to an end and all students accepted by the colleges have been notified of their final results through email. 


After being notified by email, students are required to confirm whether they accept the scholarship awarded or not. The scholarship awarded will not come into effect unless the student confirms it and uploads the confirmation notice. Students who fail to confirm the scholarship awarded will be considered not to be interested in receiving the scholarship and even though they have been admitted, their awarded scholarships (If any) will not be guaranteed to them even when they report to CUPB at the beginning of the semester and CUPB reserves the right to give or withhold the scholarship for such students.


After confirmation, addresses that applicants filled in the system while applying were used to post admission materials for students who did not provide their current addresses on time through email. If your address changed but you did not provide your current address through email when we asked for it and this affects the normal postage of admission materials, CUPB will not repost any other admission materials to you and your application will be terminated and you will lose your acceptance to study in CUPB.


Registration and reporting

New students should report to the university on the specified date on their admission letters (2019/8/22 - 2019/8/26) with the admission notice and passport and related materials, and finish all registration procedures before 2019/09/01.

If you would like to book airport pick up, log onto the admission system ( and fill in the relevant details of your arrival. 


If you are unable to enter the school for any reason, you should ask for leave from the College of International Education, please contact the students` affairs office, send an Email to ( or call 0086-10-89733979/89733910. Undergraduate leave must be no more than two weeks, and the postgraduate leave must not exceed one week. If you fail to report on time and fail to apply for leave or the leave you applied for is overdue, you will be deemed to have forfeit your admission to the university unless this is due to circumstances out of your control like war or other natural disasters.

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