Current Students Scholarship Review /Application

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According to the scholarship regulations of China University of Petroleum-Beijing, the Scholarship Review /Application for CUPB current students will be conducted from 19th to 25th of June 2019.

Please note,this Scholarship Review /Application is only for CUPB Current students,not for September 2019 newly admitted students or students who will finish their studies by July 2019. 

Students holding CUPB Scholarship、 Beijing Government Scholarship、Forbidden City Scholarship in 2018-2019 academic year must attend this Scholarship Review /Application or you will lose your scholarship for next academic year.

This Scholarship Review /Application is open to currently self-sponsored students if you have excellent overall performance in 2018-2019 academic year and wish to apply scholarship for next year.  

For all students, your scholarship for 2019-2020 Academic Year will be determined by your performance during 2018-2019 academic year and your supporting documents.

Documents required:

①、For all students, please visit and complete the application before 5:00PM, 25th June. 

②、For all students,please prepare a PPT no less than 15 pages and report your study、research、articles、extracurricular activities.Send it to before 25th June. Remember to change the PPT name to ID+your Chinese name. Example:  2018030001开心.ppt

③、For master and Ph.D students,you should also download and print the Evaluation form of supervisor and college and submit it before 5:00PM, 25th June to office 207,Miss Xu Ling.


This Scholarship Review /Application will lead to one of the five outcomes listed below:

①Upgrading your Scholarship to a higher category

②Keeping your Scholarship at the same category

③Downgrading your Scholarship to a lower category

④Canceling your Scholarship

⑤Winning a Scholarship(for currently self-sponsored students)

Evaluation form of supervisor and college.doc

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