The Third "Oriental Cup" Chinese Calligraphy Contest for the International Community

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Activity background

In 2017 and 2018, with the support of the special fund for propaganda, culture and sports development in Futian District,Shenzhen Oriental Art Gallery initiated and sponsored the first "Oriental Cup" Chinese Character Calligraphy Competition for Foreigners in Guangdong Province and the second "Oriental Cup" Chinese Character Calligraphy Competition for Foreigners. Foreign friends in China have played an active role in the field of learning Chinese characters and calligraphy, which has been highly praised by all walks of life.


Special Support Unit: Shenzhen Federation of Literature and Art Circles

Organizer: Propaganda Department of Futian District Committee of the Communist Party of China

Guiding unit: Foreign Affairs Office of  Futian District

Contractor: Shenzhen Oriental Art Gallery

Co-sponsors: Chinese Cultural Management Association Calligraphy and Painting Working Committee, Guangdong Calligrapher Association, Shenzhen Calligrapher Association, China (Shenzhen) International Training Center, Shenzhen University International Exchange College, Shenzhen Evening News, Shenzhen TV Station, China Art Expo Magazine and other institutions.

Solicitation time:

From June 15, 2019 to October 10, 2019.

Work requirement:

A. Works must be created in Chinese characters.

B. Works should be created on Xuan Paper with brushes (excluding hard brushes and seal carvings).

C. The contents of the works are healthy and upward ancient and modern poems, couplets, prose, fu, etc. (the original author and   must be marked). It advocates self-composing poems and fu. Self-creating content should be in line with the theme of the times. Those who write ancient poems and articles should pay attention to using authoritative versions and keep the content relatively coherent and complete. Kai  , Xing  , Cao  , Li  , seal   and so on are all acceptable (the contents of cursive   and seal   should be accompanied by explanations).

D. Size requirements are four specifications:

1) 4 feet to open square, 68 cm  high and 68 cm wide;

2) 4-foot opposite strip, 135 cm high and 34 cm wide (vertical);

3) 4 feet in full, 135 cm  high and 68 cm width (vertical).

4) 3 feet, 55 cm high and 100 cm wide (banner)

E. Contributions need not be mounted.

Selection and treatment:

1. Honorary certificates shall be issued by the organizing committee.

a、 First prize 1, prize 10,000 yuan;

b、  second prize 2, prize 5,000 yuan;

c、 third prize 3, prize 3,000 yuan;

d、 excellent prize 20, prize 600 yuan,;

e、 all winners are awarded certificates of honor.

2. The Organizing Committee will conduct spot-check interviews with some of the authors and exhibitors of outstanding works, and strictly prohibit fraudulent acts of writing on behalf of others. Those who are not their own creators will be disqualified from the exhibition and award-winning qualification.

3. The results will be published on Wechat Public Number and related websites and newspapers of Shenzhen Oriental Art Gallery.

4. The winning and shortlisted works will be exhibited in Shenzhen Oriental Art Gallery in November 2019.

5. Prize-winning works published albums

Contribution contact information:

Tel: 0755-23603200


Wechat: szdfmsg 2016

Address: Shenzhen Oriental Art Gallery, 7th Floor, Grand Mercure Oriental Ginza Hotel,zhuzilin, Futian District, Shenzhen

Contact person: Mr. Zhang  18948766919

Event schedule:

Contribution time: June 15, 2019 to October 10, 2019.

Expert review time:  October 2019.

Award time:  November 2019

Exhibition time:  November 2019

Prize giving activities

Venue: Grand Mercure Oriental Ginza Hotel, Shenzhen

Activity time: November 2019

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