2019 Postgraduates Enrollment Interviews for the College of Geosciences (6th June 8:00-12:00)

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2019 Postgraduates Enrollment Interviews for the College of Geosciences (6th June 8:00-12:00)

Dear Applicants,

We thank you for your interest and the trust you put in China University of Petroleum, Beijing. We shall be holding online interviews for Msc & Ph.D  applicants who have passed the preliminary review from 8:00 AM (Beijing Time) for applicants to the college of Geosciences. The Interview list is posted below and please note all time indicated is Beijing time (GMT +8).


How the interviews will be conducted:

l Interviews will be conducted over Skype.

Applicants should add the following contact and send their application number, name and passport number and major as the first message. (This should be done today)

Skype: inquiries_394

Points to note:

l Each applicant will be given around 5 minutes interview time.

1 minute for self-introduction

4 minutes to answer questions from the interview Panel.

 The language of the interview depends on the program that applicants applied for.

The interview will be conducted in the order of the list, applicants should wait patiently and should not initiate a call to avoid disturbing the interview process. If the interview process is affected due to the applicant's disturbance by initiating a call before their turn, we will deduct the marks from the applicant. If the applicant cannot be reached within three minutes from when the video call is initiated, we will proceed to the next applicant.

Applicants should keep time and look for a quiet place with a good network signal free from interruptions in advance to avoid wastage of their interview time.

Appropriate dress code is expected of all applicants as the interview is part of a series of factors to be considered while making the admission and scholarship decisions.

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