Notice about China University of Petroleum (Beijing) 10th "March 7" Girls' Sports Festival

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The 10th Girls’ Sports Festival of China University of Petroleum (Beijing) will be held in the Gymnasium of China University of Petroleum (Beijing) at 8:40 am on March 9. All girls are welcome to sign up. Registration deadline: 16:00, March 6th (Wednesday). The following are the competition rules, incentives and matters need attention.

Match time: 8:40-11:40

I. Rules of the Competition

1. Shuttlecock kicking competition

(1) Single shuttlecock kicking competition

The game time is one minute. The p  with the most kicks wins.

(2)Pair shuttlecock kicking competition

The game lasts one minute. A pair of p s play shuttlecock in turn. Everyone has to take turns at one kick. The p s with the most kicks wins.

(3) Shuttlecock kicking challenge

There is no time limit for the competition. The registration of live audience is accepted. In the case of shuttlecock not falling to the ground, who got the maximum number of kick will be the champion.

Requirements: shuttlecock competition shall be completed within the prescribed venues and shall not interfere with the competition of others. After the shuttlecock lands, the competition may not continue. If the scores are equal, a play-off will be held. Students who have finished should not leave the field before the announcement of the champion.

2. Rope skipping competition

(1) Single jump rope competition

The time of the game is one minute, and the p  who has skipped the most times is the winner.

(2) Single jump and double shake competition

The competition time is one minute, participants should jump the rope from the foot to pass twice, accumulative total number of times jumps most is to win.

(3) Team rope jumping competition

The competition lasts for two minutes, with 12 people in a group. Two of them shake the rope (students can choose two boys to do it voluntarily), and the rest ten people will jump one by one, and the one with the most accumulative times is the winner.

Requirements: complete the competition in the prescribed venue, and do not disturb others. If the scores are equal, a play-off will be held and the students who have finished should not leave the field.

3. Interlocking competition

Six students sign up for the unit, six people standing hand in hand in a row, then go through the hula hoop through, and then turn back, the team with less time to win. In the process of crossing the hula hoop, 6 people will be disqualified if they disengage hand in hand.

4. Puzzle

Six girls should finish put different puzzle pieces together as soon as possible.

5. I'm a foodie

There are 6 students in each group, including 3 male students and 3 female students. Each group will have a whole pomelo, and which group will eat the fastest within the specified time will win.

II. Incentive Measure

1. Every participant will get a flower for the festival.

2. Individual competition: the top eight of the single kicking shuttlecock, double kicking shuttlecock, single jumping rope, single jumping double shaking will win the certificate of honor and flowers, the points 9, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 count into the total points of the group. The winner of shuttlecock challenge competition will win the prize and 9 points which will be included in the total score of the team.

3. Team competition and fun competition: team jumping rope, interlocking, Puzzle, “I am a foodie” and other four items take the top eight, points 9, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 into the total points of the group. Prizes will be awarded to the top three (potted plants).

4. Certificates and prizes (potted plants) will be awarded by the top three schools in the group.

5. Three excellent organization awards (see appendix 1 for the selection method), certificates and prizes (potted plants).

III. Attention

1. All the equipment is provided by the sports teaching department. Please wear sports clothes and sports shoes.

2. All participants shall strictly abide by all rules of the competition and follow the command of the person in charge.

3. The athletes must strictly obey the referee, carry forward the fighting spirit, behave civilly.

4. All participants, judges and spectators are strictly prohibited from smoking, littering and spitting in the stadium. Please pay attention to public health.

5. Pay attention to safety and avoid accidents.

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