2018 CUPB Swimming Contest

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I.  1. Competition Time: November 17 (Saturday) 09:00 

2. Location: In the Sports department swimming pool

II. The competition project

(a) Individual races: limited to 2 person (except relay)

1. Men's 50m Freestyle legs

2. Women's 50m Freestyle legs

3. Men’s 50m Freestyle

4. Women's 50m Freestyle

5. Men’s 100m Freestyle

6. Women's 100m freestyle

7. Men's 50m breaststroke legs

8. Women's 50m breaststroke legs

9. Men’s 50m Breakstoke

10. Women's 50m breaststroke

11.Male 100m Breaststoke

12. Female 100m breaststroke

13. Men's 50m Backstroke

14. Women's 50m  Backstroke

15. Men's 100m backstroke

16. Women's 100m backstroke

17. Men's 50m Butterfly

18. Women's 50m Butterfly

(b) Team of the competition: Each college could only have one team in every item, each swimmer could only join at most  two teams of your college.

19. Men's 4x50m Freestyle Relay

20. Women's 4x50m Freestyle relay

21. 4x50m Freestyle relay (2 men and 2 women)

22. Male 4x50m Breaststroke Relay

23. Women's 4x50m Breaststroke relay

24. 4x50m Breaststroke relay (2 men and 2 women)

25. Male 4x50m Breaststroke Leg Relay

26. Female 4x50m Breaststroke Leg Relay

27.  4x50m breaststroke leg relay (2 men and 2 women)

III. Methods of Registration

(1) Eligibility for registration

Our college students, postgraduate, international students, preparatory students, and have certain swimming skills, healthy people can  enrol in the competition.

Infectious diseases, skin diseases, heart disease, etc. students who are not suitable for strenuous exercise can not participate. Undergraduates, international students, pre-school students and postgraduate students should enrol in their various  colleges. Each team  should report to the leader (responsible) 1 leader, coaches (contact) 1 person.

The Department is responsible for the participation insurance of the participating members. According to the schedule of the contest (see the Schedule sheet in the registration form of annex 1). Limited to 2 items per person (except relay), the relay project limited to 2 items per person, each school limited to 1 teams. Each entry is less than 3 or only  3,  otherwise competition will be  cancelled, and the academism is notified by the Institute of Sports and Humanities and arts.


(2) Registration time 1. From the date of publication of this procedure, all units  should send  the registration form to email:154524774@qq.com by 17:00 on November 9, 2018 (Friday) and confirmed by telephone. Contact person: Zhang Shingyu, Tel: 189-1064-2862.


Registration Form file name requirements, registration form-the name of the college,  for  example Registration Form-Business Management College 2018 swimming competition application form.


2. Each team should send at least 1 coach or tour leaders to the tour leader and submit a paper version of the registration form.

IV.  Competition Methods


1. The competition adopts the fitness section of the swimming competition rules approved by the sports administration (see annex 2_ Fitness Swimming competition rules), please each  team should organize students to study hard and be familiar with the rules of the competition.


2. The race can be set off from the departure desk or in the water.


3. Each project is ranked by a one-time pre-finals, if the results are equal, then the position is tied.


4. Any athlete who has entered the competition shall not abstain from doing so, and if he is unable to participate in exceptional circumstances, he shall submit a valid certificate to be replaced and deduct the group's total score without undue waiver.


5. Athletes must not cross any college department, no imposter, once been found  will be cancel his or her  score,  deduct the athlete's team and the group of the Direct Association team score of 10 points.


6. Athletes clothing requirements, swimwear/pants (girls must be one-piece bathing suit), swimming cap.


7. Opening time will be around 08:00, adapt time  will be from 08:00-08:30, athletes must be in advance to the scene. 

8. Roll Call time: 20 minutes before the start of the first roll call, no named should abstain the other roll call time according to the competition process roll call, the participants need to prepare and wait for the match.


V. Methods of  Admission


1. Individual Achievement and personal Honour Award selection method


each entry to the first 8, the participation of less than 8 people/team in the actual number of participants/team  reduces by 1 admission.


The scores of the items  will be doubled by 9,8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1,  as same as the score of the relay; the school swimming record will be also adding 9 points.


2. Group total score Admission method and the most  Honourable group mention selection method


Group total score of each team  will be  calculated


Group total score admission Top 8. "Sports moral Style Award", the Academy for the selection of 3.


International students should fill in the form and send it to Seraly.  wechat:z156111827332



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