Important Notice about Smoking Control

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Smoking affects health, pollutes the surrounding environment, and is prone to fire and other safety accidents. China University of Petroleum (Beijing) and College of International Education advocate reducing and quitting smoking.


For students who are accustomed to smoking, we emphasize that, according to the “Beijing Regulations on Smoking Control” and the regulations of CUPB, smoking is only allowed in designated outdoor smoking areas (with a special "Smoking Area" sign). Smoking is prohibited in any places (including teaching buildings, student apartments and other areas on campus) except designated smoking areas.


Students who violate the “Beijing Regulations on Smoking Control” and regulations of CUPB will be fined and disciplined by College of International Eduaction according to relevant regulations. The university also reserves the right to continue to hold students accountable if their personal smoking violations affect the reputation of the university and cause losses to the university.


In order to protect your health and safety and create a good living and learning environment, please supervise each other and report the illegal smoking clues and people. College of International Education will also carry out random checks on buildings and apartment rooms and punish smokers found to have violated the rules.


College of International Education

25 October, 2018


“Beijing Regulations on Smoking Control” (excerpts)

Article 14 Individuals shall abide by the provisions of laws and regulations and shall not smoke in places where smoking is prohibited and in queues. Those who smoke in places other than those where smoking is prohibited should reasonably avoid non-smokers, and refrain from flicking ash or throwing cigarette butts.


Article 15 An individual who finds an act of smoking in a place where smoking is prohibited obtains the following rights:

(1) dissuade smokers from smoking;

(2) require operators and managers of such places to dissuade smokers from smoking;

(3) complain and report to the administrative department of health and family planning.


Article 19 Schools shall take measures to prevent students from smoking, carry out publicity about the harmful effects of smoking on students, and help students to give up smoking.


Article 25 An individual who, in violation of article 14 of these regulations, smokes in a place where smoking is prohibited or in a queue, shall be ordered to make corrections by the municipal, district or county health and family planning administrative department and may be fined 50 yuan. Those who refuse to make corrections shall be fined 200 yuan. If an individual violates the provisions of article 14 of these regulations by throwing cigarette butts, the comprehensive law enforcement department of city administration shall punish him according to the relevant regulations of city appearance and environmental management.


Article 28 Anyone who, in a place where smoking is prohibited, fails to listen to dissuasion, thereby constitutes a violation of public security administration, such as disturbing public order or obstructing relevant departments from performing their duties according to law, shall be punished by the public security department according to law. If a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

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