Notice for Application of WANG TAO Scholarship

Time: 2018-09-27 11:32:26 | Click:1129

WANG TAO scholarship is set up by WANG TAO, former Minister of Petroleum, China, to encourage and support excellent students.



1. For Bachelor students, you must be in your third year,GPA≥3.5. No failed courses. 

2. For Master/Ph.D. students, you must be in your final year, Average points≥80. No failed courses.


There is one quota for CUPB International students to win WANGTAO scholarship this year. If you think you are qualified and have enough documents to support your application,welcome to prepare the documents listed below.


1. Application Form (one handwritten Paper Copy+ one Digital Copy)


2. Summary  of your life and study(one handwritten Paper Copy,at least 2000 word)


3. Tran (one Paper Copy+ one Digital Copy)


4. PPT Presentation(one Digital Copy)(It should contain your Self-Introduction、Family Introduction、Education Background、How you came to CUPB、Your Study and Work here in CUPB、Why you think you should be the winner of the scholarship、Your Plan for the future)


5. Other documents that can support your application(Reward certificates、Published articles,etc.)(Paper Copies are OK)


Deadline: Friday 09-21, 5:00 PM.


You should give all paper documents to office A207 by then, and send the Digital Copies to

Application Form-WANG TAO scholarship.doc

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